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T'Noshi was a Federation Starfleet science officer on duty in the late 23rd and early 24th centuries. (Project Potemkin, Starship Tristan)

Starfleet Career[]

Ensign T'Noshi in 2296

T'Noshi, a Vulcan, was initially assigned to the Constitution-class heavy cruiser USS Potemkin as a junior science officer with the rank of ensign. It was her first deep-space assignment. In addition to landing party assignments, she often served as the third watch science officer on the bridge. During her tour of duty on Potemkin, she distinguished herself enough to be promoted to full lieutenant and second science officer. (Project Potemkin: "All in a Day's Work")

The Vulcans felt that T'Noshi's actions on Sumaya (Project Potemkin: The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky) warranted the convening of a Board of Inquiry at Starbase 211. The board was of sufficient importance that Fleet Admiral Lystra Davis was present, to the surprise of Captain Alec Grigory. (Project Potemkin: "Inquiry")

After Potemkin was destroyed in 2299 during a battle with Romulan forces, she and other surviving officers transferred to the Constellation-class cruiser USS Tristan where she served as chief science officer. Distinguishing herself there as well, she was promoted to lieutenant commander. (Starship Tristan: "Between Two Worlds")

T'Noshi's predecessor in the billet of Tristan chief science officer, alluded to but never seen, was named Larsen. (Starship Tristan: "A Look in the Mirror")

T'Noshi was third-in-command of Tristan, after Captain Walker and Chief Engineer Mycroft. (Starship Tristan: "The Monsters Are With Us")

Tristan seemed to have no one in the executive officer billet, except during Eva Privette's brief stint as XO. While T'Noshi was equal in rank to Mycroft during the events of "The Monsters Are With Us", she had only recently received promotion to lieutenant commander. However, in "Distant Echoes (Part 1)", she's in command when Captain Privette is abducted at Epsilon Tauri, while Mycroft is down in Engineering.

During an undercover mission to infiltrate a group of renegade Vulcans, T'Noshi was astute enough to identify a Romulan spy in their midst. She refused to kill the group's leader, a Vulcan who was v'tosh ka'tur. (Starship Tristan: "Deception")


T'Noshi was close with Branwyn Asherah and Edgar Mathias, with whom she had transferred from Potemkin to Tristan. (Project Potemkin: "Room Service") The death of Dr. Mathias during an away mission affected the two women greatly. (Starship Tristan: "Departures")

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