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For the prime universe counterpart, see T'Pol.

Commander T'Pol' was a Vulcan who served aboard the ISS Enterprise as science officer. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly")

Fanon continuities[]

Before In a Mirror, Darkly[]

T'Pol had a high status amongst the alien conscripts aboard Enterprise as she was a member of the Vulcan Syrrannite movement. At some point before January 2153, T'Pol and Commander Tucker had had some kind of sexual relationship.

On January 23 2153, Captain Forrest asked T'Pol to ask Tucker to select several movies from 'Enterprise's' database for some visiting Vissians. T'Pol had no interest in the Vissian chief engineer and his wife Calla's plans to have a baby. She advised Tucker not to cause an issue with the Vissian's treatment of their cogenitors and found Tucker's protests about the inhumane treatment to be hypocritical.

T'Pol later joined Commander Archer to find out why Tucker had helped the cogenitor. When Forrest decided to grant the cogenitor asylum, Enterprise rushed to join its assault fleet. T'Pol was on the bridge and informed the crew how fast it would take to rendezvous. When Starfleet finally captured the Vissian ship, T'Pol was pleased that the cogenitor was free but found the crew's air of moral supremacy to be absurd when considering what they'd already done. (Before In a Mirror, Darkly: Cogenitor)

After the Xindi attack on Earth, T'Pol was unaware her mother had been killed by Starfleet guards after breaching the restricted zone around the Vulcan High Command. Instead, she carried on her duties and tried her best to ignore Tucker's violations of her personal space. She was on the bridge when Duras attacked Enterprise.

When Enterprise reached Earth, T'Pol received authorisation from Forrest and Archer to go to the surface with Tucker, who'd made the request. She expressed her sympathy for Tucker after he saw the destruction of Elizabeth Tucker's town and realised his sister was dead.

After Enterprise left Earth to enter the Delphic Expanse and find the Xindi, T'Pol chose to stay aboard (Before In a Mirror, Darkly: A Crisis on Earth)

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