T'Sara Frost was a Starfleet officer and the commanding officer of the USS Courageous from 2376 onwards. She was a Vulcan-Human hybrid. (Star Trek: Courageous)


Early and personal historyEdit

T'Sara was born on 11 July 2291 in Raal on Vulcan but was raised on Earth. During her childhood and young adulthood, she learned to embrace both several aspects of Vulcan mental discipline and training and Human emotion.

Some time before 2376, she met Leonardo Da Costa, whom she began a relationship with and later married.

Starfleet HistoryEdit

She attended Starfleet Academy from 2310 until her graduation in 2313 and opted to attend a post-graduate command school from 2313 until 2314.

Her early years in Starfleet were spent climbing the ladder to senior positions, starting as a junior helmsman aboard the USS Constellation (NCC-1974) upon graduation from command school in 2314 and ending up as the second officer aboard the USS Intrepid (NCC-38907) by 2323.

T'Sara was promoted to first officer aboard the Intrepid in 2328, serving in the position until 2332, where she was transferred to the USS Columbus. She remained the Columbus's first officer until she was promoted to the rank of captain and made commanding officer of the Columbus in 2336.

Over the next three and a half decades, she would continue to mostly hold commanding officer positions on starships, including the USS Majestic (NCC-31060), the USS Blake, and the USS Horatio. She also accepted other assignments in between commands, including the project supervisor position overseeing the USS Buran (NCC-57580) before its destruction at the Battle of Wolf 359 in 2367, where she was its acting commanding officer. Other assignments included being a member of the Post-Wolf 359 Fleet Reconstruction Task Force in the year following the battle and a senior mission planner with Starfleet Operations from 2372 until 2375.

After the death of its previous commanding officer, Captain Harold Windsor, during a battle with Orion Syndicate forces, the USS Courageous became T'Sara's new assignment as commanding officer in 2376. She invited her husband, Leonardo Da Costa, to join her on the assignment, which he accepted. (Star Trek: Courageous)

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