Lt. T'Seya was the Assistant Chief engineer onboard the USS Intrepid in the late 23rd century. (Star Trek: The Intrepid Adventures)

Early life before the IntrepidEdit

T'Seya was born on December 2, 2247 human calendar time on the planet Romulus.

Memorable quotesEdit

"“I’m sorry as well as I encouraged him, Commander. Please forgive us. There was no disrespect intended.”"
— T'Seya apologizing to Commander Mercedes Underwood on behalf of Lieutenant Raymond Gatling and the others at the rec room table for disparaging remarks in regards to the captain.- Body Double.


T'Seya impersonated Centurion L'Krella with Captain Serek on Romulus on an espionage mission. - (Body Double).
Centurian T'Seya - IRW Hellspawn

Centurian T'Seya before Starfleet.

Centurian L'Krella - IRW Hellspawn

Lt. T'Seya as Centurian L'Krella.

T'Seya's Romulan name was Sandrienne, when she defected to the United Federation of Planets she stayed with Kimberly and Roger Parker on Vulcan (planet), as adoptive parents learning how to be a Vulcan before she assumed the T'Seya identity, and applying to Starfleet. (Shakedown Cruise (Intrepid Adventures))


  • 2247: T'Seya is born on the planet Romulus.
  • 2263: T'Seya enters Starfleet Academy
  • 2265: T'Seya graduates Starfleet Academy and promoted to Ensign, her first assignment is the USS Enterprise as an engineer.
  • 2267: T'Seya is promoted to Lieutenant junior grade.
  • 2270: T'Seya is promoted to full Lieutenant and is assigned to the USS Intrepid as the Assistant Chief Engineer.

Service recordEdit

CDT4 (TOS).png
Gray (TOS).png
Cadet 2263-2265 attended Starfleet Academy
Red (TOS) Ensign 2265- 2267 assigned as Engineer on the USS Enterprise.
LTJG (TOS).png
Red (TOS).png
Lieutenant junior grade 2268-2270 assigned as Engineer on USS Enterprise.
LT (TOS).png
Red (TOS).png
Lieutenant 2270- Assistant Chief engineer on the USS Intrepid.

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