Star Trek Expanded Universe

T'vas was a half romulan-half human prisoner who escaped from Remus.


Her mother was a romulan commander who while on a mission to destroy an earth outpost came across an earth man whom she found a unique sympathy and connection with. His life was spared and she took him in as her house servant and eventual concubine. A few years later the Commander became pregnant which drew attention of the Romulan guard. Having a romulan pregant with a hybrid offspring was bad enough but one of their military leaders was most dishonerable. Both the commander and human mate were sentenced to a life of labor in the dilithium mines of Remus. T'vas was that child born in prison. Too young to work in the labor camps whe began training on equiptment and excelled in her mechanical propensity and natural knack for troubleshooting. The guards slowly began to trust her and give her many privileges. After 15 years her mother died from the extreme conditions. Loosing his wife and having limited access to his daughter cause her father to plot his eventual escape leaving T'vas behind. T’vas was told her father was executed in his attempt and continued to live this harsh life for 35 years, unquestioning her situation until the day she found the truth...that her father may still be alive. T’vas went into a rage and took out most of the complex guards before making a successful bid for freedom aboard transport shuttlecraft.


T’vas was biologically, emotionally, and even intellectually a “half-breed”. This alien-human combination resulted in minimal alien features of most Romulans and closer to those of Vulcans with the yellowish complexion and pointed ears. She was considerably stronger than human crewmen, she could endure lack of water, and higher to lower temperatures for a longer period. Her hearing was particularly keen. Vulcans are distant cousins of the Romulans and T’vas wished to know more about them working daily to master their way of life. Unlike Vulcans she exhibits passionate emotions and works to reign them in. (Star Trek: Secret Voyage)