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TOSS is a webcomic whose protagonists are serving on the space ship USS Mumbai. Most of the action takes place in the "lower decks" referred to but rarely seen in the original Star Trek series. Its title might be an acronym for "The Original Series Strip" or "That Old Space Ship".


The season title "Stardate One Thousand" and the arrival of new uniforms in #2 "New Threads" puts the start of the series just before the original series, circa 2264 or 2265.


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On the USS Mumbai:


Stardate One Thousand[]

Started April 2007

# Title Characters References
1 "Galley" Wheel Andorian, food slot, galley, roast beef
2 "New Threads" Root, Wheel crew quarters, uniform
3 "Hello, Boys" Devjinder Null, Root, Wheel crew quarters, Mary Quant, uniform
4 "Officers' Mess" Bandaranaike, Devjinder Null, Sarabhai, ThorshkukJini zh'Thresh Andorian frost eel, Andorian rime leaf, Deltan musk fungus, food, human cow meat, officers' mess, steak and chips, Vulcan p'tah beans
5 "Printer" Root, Venkatrangan malfunction, network, printer
6 "Nets" Bandaranaike, Devjinder Null, Mustardseed, ThorshkukJini zh'Thresh, Nan Venustra bay, cricket, recreation deck
7 "Deltan Musk Fungus" Root, Wheel corridor, Deltan musk fungus, pheromones, turbolift
8 "Synthesizer Crapola" Root, Wheel Asteroids (video game), food synthesizer, Maneki Neko, video game
9 "Dreams of Flying" Devjinder Null, Sarabhai airplane, bridge, crew quarters, hair net, pajamas
10 "Cake" Hamlet, Root birthday, cake, Carnelian, culture, human, USS Darwin, USS Mumbai, USS Nagoya
11 "Ensign Null" Devjinder Null, Sarabhai, Wheel corridor, surname, turbolift
12 "Environmental Systems" John bet-Orlek, Anastasia Cheung, Hamlet, Tadahiro Honda, Magda Vonokurov, Zhou Kaping, Venkatrangan coolant, energy converter, engineering, environmental systems, green light, ted light, warp core
13 "It's Just a Sim" John bet-Orlek, Anastasia Cheung, Hamlet, Tadahiro Honda, Magda Vonokurov, Zhou Kaping, Venkatrangan coolant, energy converter, engineering, simulation, temperature sensors, warp core
14 "Zero G" John bet-Orlek, Magda Vinokurov, Root Andorian, Jeffries tube, Vulcan, zero gravity
15 "Earth Humour" John bet-Orlek, Hamlet, Swooth, Root cribbage, culture, human, humor, recreation room, subtext
16 "Cocktails" Christopher Pike, Wheel, Pingmei Zhou Captain's lounge, cocktail, Martini, Old Fashioned, steward, USS Darwin, window

Rescue Prospero[]

Started January 2008

# Title Characters References
17 "Late-Night Ramen" Christopher Pike, Root, Wheel mess, ramen, USS Enterprise, Warp-Speed Classic Vaudeville Company
18 "The Ends of the Earth" Root, Wheel chief cook, galactic rim, mess, ramen, USS Enterprise, Warp Region 6, zonography
19 "Condition Red" Root, Wheel coffee, condition red, crew quarters, glasses
20 "Transporter Room" Devjinder Null, Christopher Pike turbolift, USS Ballarat, USS ShirKahr
21 "Briefing" Root, Venkatrangan glasses, main engineering, USS Prospero
22 "Under Way" USS Mumbai
23 "Linear Warp Drive" Devjinder Null, Farid Singh briefing room, linear warp drive, USS Prospero
24 "Upgrade" Anastasia Cheung, Root, Sarabhai library computer, sensors
25 "Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics" John bet-Orlek, Anastasia Cheung, Root, Wheel martial arts rhythmic gymnastics, recreation deck
26 "Bee Prep" John bet-Orlek, Root, Hamlet, Devjinder Null bay, environment suit, work bee
27 "Two Pins" Sumita 9, John bet-Orlek bay, work bee
28 "Rec Room" Sumita 9, Wheel MS2061-1957, recreation room, viewscreen
29 "Bottom-Up" Root, Hamlet, John bet-Orlek, Farid Singh, Mansume da Silva, Sumita 9, Venkatrangan, Pingmei Zhou docking tube, portable airlock, work bee
30 "Bactry Anecdote" Farid Singh, Mrrmr, Root bactry, Caitian, demerit, second engineer, zero gravity
31 "Traditional Forms" Wheel, Anastasia Cheung tai chi
32 "Perfectly Safe" MS2061-1957
33 "Daishō" Devjinder Null, Farid Singh, Root armory, environment suit, japanese sword, phaser
34 "Open the Bay Doors" work bee
35 "A Short Journey" Farid Singh, Devjinder Null, Root work bee
36 "Manual Operation" Sarabhai, Wheel sensors
37 "Wrong Colour Uniform" Sarabhai, Wheel, Ruh sensors, uniform
38 "Portable Airlock" Ash, Ember, Root cabin, portable airlock
39 "Docking Tube" Ash, Ember, Root docking tube
40 "Sitrep" Farid Singh, Devjinder Null recreation deck

Surviving in the Wreckage[]

Started January 2013

# Title Characters References
41 "The Rescuers" Farid Singh, Gay Boomgaarden
42 "J-Class" Gay Boomgaarden, Farid Singh, Devjinder Null, Ash, Ember, Root
43 "Game Table" Gay Boomgaarden, Devjinder Null, Ash, Ember, Root game table

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