TR-116a Tactical Sniper Rifle

The TR-116a Tactical Sniper Rifle is a variant on the TR-116 rifle, which was developed by Starfleet Security for use in dampening fields or radiogenic environments where conventional energy weapons would be useless. A working prototype of the TR-116 was developed, but Starfleet opted not to produce the weapon with the advent of the regenerative phaser. (Star Trek: Prometheus)



In 2375, Starfleet Science Officer Chu'lak used a TR-116 to murder Hector Ilario, Greta Vanderweg, and Zim Brott aboard Deep Space Nine. Chu'lak's version of the TR-116 (which later became the TR-116a Tactical Sniper Rifle) was equipped with a micro-transporter, which allowed him to beam the bullet into another room only 8-10 centimeters from its target and an exographic targeting sensor which allowed Chu'lak to scan through walls and target victims anywhere on the station from the safety of his quarters. The station's counselor, Lieutenant Ezri Dax, later used a similarly modified rifle to non-lethally stop Chu'lak. (DS9: "Field of Fire")


Following the apprehension of Science Officer Chu'lak, Starfleet Command re-evaluated the TR-116. In light of the ongoing Dominion War it was concluded that the addition of the micro-transporter and the exographic targeting sensor overcame the weaknesses of the original design.

Starfleet designated the modified weapon the TR-116a Tactical Sniper Rifle and deployed it for use in situations where high-energy sensor arrays would detect directed energy weapons, thereby revealing the location of the shooter.

In these situations it is unlikely that the TR-116a's micro-transporter would be detected because its low power output, which is hardly detectable, can only possibly be detected when the transporter is "beaming" the projectile. Given its radically different nature, and limited deployment, as compared to Starfleet's Phaser rifles most Starfleet officers find the TR-116a a difficult weapon to master.

The TR-116a is only deployed in limited numbers to certain vessels, facilities, and departments/units such as the USS Prometheus, and the Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations Branch.

Ammunition optionsEdit

The TR-116a Tactical Sniper Rifle's options for ammunition are a six round box style magazine, a twelve round box style magazine, a micro-replicator equipped with enough raw matter to produce approximately fifty rounds, and a holo-generator pack which works in conjunction with a holodeck to create holographic bullets to allow for training on a holodeck. Given the increased power output when utilizing the micro-replicator in the field utilizing this option is not recommended as it increases the chances of detection. However with enough experience with the weapon, whether field usage or holodeck training, it is possible to become extremely proficient with the TR-116a much like Captain Logan MacLeod of the USS Prometheus did during his time with the Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations Branch.


  • For the canon version of this weapon see: TR-116

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