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The Talrathi are a species from Talrath IV in the Beta Quadrant. A trader people, they have been called the "honest Ferengi."

Talrathi are humanoid, averaging 1.5 to 2 meters in height. The males are quite muscular, though they are a semi-pacifistic race. Talrathi will not start a conflict but they will fight to protect themselves, their families, their homes and planet. (Federation Gaming Network; Typhon Station)


Contact was made between the Talrathi and the Federation in the 2360s, and an amiable diplomatic relationship began. The Federation even helped survey Talrath VI, when the Talrathi sought to colonize their neighboring planet in the 2370s.

During that survey, the Federation team discovered a massive deposit of dilithium crystals on Talrath VI, dwarfing the amount on Talrath IV, and making the system a target of prime interest for the other galactic powers.

Publicly, the Romulan and Klingon Empires both tried to outbid the other and the Federation for the mining rights and to assist in the colonization of the planet. In secret, however, the Romulans engaged in a subversion campaign, while the Klingons threatened to attack and annex the system.

In response, the Talrathi government petitioned for membership in the UFP. With the request under review by Federation Council, Talrath became a Federation protectorate. The Talrathi government also granted Starfleet permission to establish a permanent presence in the system. In the interests of expediency, rather than construct a completely new outpost, Starfleet relocated Starbase 23 to the Talrath system. The base had been partially dismantled for decommissioning, and was reassembled in orbit of Talrath IV with upgrading drydock and ship-building facilities.

Soon, many Talrathi businessmen and women availed themselves of Starbase 23's presence, opening businesses on the station, so they could ply their wares to the many travelers passing through.


  • Information on the Talrathi was a part of the FGN Lexicon, a small info box that appeared on various pages of Federation Gaming Network sims. The Lexicon later became a part of the Typhon Station website.