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Tara Leilani was a Napean Starfleet officer in the 25th century. For the better part of her career she served aboard the Federation starship USS Mariner as its Executive Officer. (Mariner)


Leilani was born on Psi Upsilon IV and lived there for twenty years, working as a botanist at a local research institution. She decided to enter Starfleet Academy and served as a science officer aboard the USS Horizon.

USS Mariner

Leilani was posted to the USS Mariner as its Executive Officer. She helped Captain Jenan Gage select his senior staff. As the captain’s right hand, she advised him when a tough decision needed to be made, using her abilities as an empath as needed.


Leilani enjoyed gardening, spending much of her free time in the hydroponics lab experimenting with new methods to stimulate plant growth in environments where no rich soil is available.



Ravek served with Leilani aboard the Horizon. When Mariner needed a chief engineer Leilani personally recommended Ravek to Captain Gage. Her admiration for Ravek ran a little deeper than strictly professional, but she has been hesitant to break protocol. ("A New Threat")

Lauren Reese

Leilani frequently shared early breakfasts with Lauren Reese, Mariner’s science officer. Since Leilani served as a science officer at her previous posting, she was a mentor to Reese.

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