Taran'atar was a Jem'Hadar who lived in the latter half of the 24th century. He was born in 2354, a rare genetic mutant who did not depend on infusions of ketracel-white for his survival. Unlike most of his race who die in battle within several years of their birth, Taran'atar lived a long and distinguished life. By the 2370s, he was considered an Honored Elder.

In 2376, Taran'atar was sent to the Alpha Quadrant by Odo as part of an ad hoc cultural exchange program, in order to foster amity between the Dominion and the races on the other side of the Bajoran wormhole. Taran'atar helped to save Deep Space 9 from a group of rogue Jem'Hadar, and was sworn to follow the order of Colonel Kira Nerys as as would those of Odo. (DS9 relaunch novel: Avatar)

Following several unfortunate incidents, including ones involving Iconian gateways, the Female Changeling, the Mirror universe and Iliana Ghemor, Taran'atar returned to the Gamma Quadrant in 2377 and encountered the Even Odds. (DS9 relaunch novel: Warpath)

Fan continuitiesEdit

Star Trek: PendragonEdit

Taran'atar met Odo when the latter returned to the Dominion following the reopening of the Bajoran wormhole. The Honored Elder explained the downfall of the Great Link due to the morphogenic virus, and the collapse of the Dominion. In the aftermath, Taran'atar used his influence among the other Jem'Hadar to forge a small society of survivors. He pledged loyalty to the Changeling as one of the last surviving Founders.

Later on, Taran'atar traveled to the Alpha Quadrant to live aboard DS9 at the behest of Odo. He came to respect the station's Security Chief Sam Bowers as an honorable warrior.

For Star Trek: Pendragon, Taran'atar was played by Roger Cross.
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