Star Trek Expanded Universe

Task Force 143.24.3b was a task force assembled at Starbase 12 on orders of the 12th Fleet Commander Admiral Jeffery Higdon to assist in the evacuation of Biscayne Star System within the Cha'ouw Empire due to an approaching shockwave caused by a Supernova within Romulan space. The overall command of the task force was under General Wade Hoover. (Prelude to a Swansong (ST:BH))

Starships assigned to or assisting Task Force 143.34.3b were:

  • USS Black Hawk
  • USS BortaS
  • CIV Cha'ouw
  • USS Consortium
  • USS Hellfire & Brimstone
  • USS Maddox
  • USS Reuben James
  • USS Socrates (medical frigate)
  • USS Sunflower