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Task Force 17 was a Starfleet carrier task force extant in the 25th century. It was part of Starfleet Second Fleet.

When experiencing an alternate quantum reality, the crew of the RIS Bouteina saw that, in 2409, TF17 was deployed in order to destroy a Klingon carrier group, led by a Vo'Quv-class supercarrier. The USS Montreal was its flagship at the time, with Jessica Mannion at the carrier's command. (RIS Bouteina: "Quantic Fissure")

Tara Whitten was the executive officer of TF17 in 2409. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Murder Grove")

The USS Hakuryuu, an Odyssey-class carrier, was the flagship of Task Force 17 in 2430. Dunames Lopez became TF17's commanding officer when the Hakuryuu was launched. It was homeported at Unity Three Starbase. (Star Trek: United Federation of Munchkin Amazons)

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