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Starfleet Task Force 31 was originally a task force that was part of the Starfleet Seventh Fleet during the 2290s.

In 2291, the task force consisted of USS Tai Shan, USS Challenger, USS Intrepid II and USS Thagard. (Star Trek: Challenger Chronicles, Star Trek: Shadowstar Station)

24th century[]

Starfleet Task Force 31 mission patch, late 24th century

By the late 24th century, Task Force 31 comprised many vessels from different numbered Fleets across Starfleet. The task force's command base was Station Robert de Bruce.

Starships assigned to Task Force 31 included USS Bellerophon, USS Excalibur, USS Gallifrey, USS George Washington, USS Helen Pawlowski, USS Liberty, USS Panther, USS Rhode Island, USS Saint Michael, and USS Victorious-A. (Task Force 31)

Fan organizations[]

Task Force 31 is a coalition of different Star Trek focused clubs across several of the United States. It includes chapters of Starfleet International and other parent organizations, as well as many independent clubs.

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