Star Trek Expanded Universe
Flag of the Tealuian Alliance
Planet: Tealu
Government: Tealuian Alliance
Form of Government: Confederation, parliamentary democracy
Executive: First Minister
Head of State: Xalen
Formation: Synoecism
Location: Oralian sector
Capital: Manj
Legislature: Ministry of Tealu
Currency: Standard credits, barter
Xojo Manjala of Minark

The planet of Minark

The Tealuians are species that developed on the planet of Tealu in the Oralian sector. (Star Trek: Pioneer)


Tealuians have a balloon shaped head, with two big watery black eyes. Their skin has always been a pale blue and sometimes appears to reflect light. Their oval shaped body is relatively small compared with their head. They have long thin appendages, two arms and four legs. Their mouth is small, and they have thin slits for nostrils.

History and politics[]

The Tealuian species developed on the planet of Tealu, but their small clans grew quickly within the planet's many layers of caves. They soon formed alliances with other clans from other caves around the planet forming the Tealuian Alliance. As their alliance grew and develop more and better technologies, they eventually expanded their sovereignty to the surrounding systems and planets, including Minark on the So'jan-Tealuian border.

The Tealuian Alliance is categorized as a parliamentary democracy, with First Minister (which is similar to a Prime Minister) as the political leader, and actual chief executive of the government. The figurehead and/or moral leader of the Tealuain Alliance is the Chief of one of the founding clans of the Tealuain Alliance, which is often referred to by Tealuians as the royal family; Xojo Manjala is a member of the Manjala Clan, the current royal family.

Tealuian Alliance[]

Planets that make up the Tealuian Alliance:

  • Tealu
  • Kealu
  • Dealu
  • Frealu
  • Zealu
  • Xealu
  • Nealu
  • Mealu
  • Minark

Miscellaneous information[]

All most all of the Tealuian people enjoy going to zoos in their spare time, making employment with Tealuian Xenobiological Authority a prized position. ("The Caverns of Eden, Part 2")