Teero Anaydis

Teero Anaydis

Teero Anaydis was a fanatical Bajoran vedek who was determined to fight against the Cardassians and any power he considered to be a threat to Bajor's interests. He had been dismissed from the Maquis for experimenting with mind control techniques to recruit new agents.

In 2371, Teero implanted a set of suppressed memory commands into Tuvok. These commands would activate when Tuvok heard the words "Pagh'tem'far, B'tanay". (VOY: "Repression")

Teero had been on Bajor during the Dominion War in 2374. Believing the Federation represented a dangerous conflict of interest having regained control of Deep Space 9 while a non-aggression pact between Bajor and the Dominion was in effect, he anointed himself the new leader of The Circle, presumably using mind control to recruit followers. Shortly after Operation Return, Circle agents planted a bomb in Quark's and later attacked and branded DS9's resident Cardassian Elim Garak.

His role in these terrorist attacks became clear to USS Lambda Paz captain Limis Vircona when Teero sent a subliminal message to her containing the words "Pagh'tem'far, B'tanay". On orders from Starfleet Intelligence, Limis then traveled to Bajor to convince Teero's former Bajoran Resistance colleague Jaro Essa to meet with Teero and learn of the latter's plans. Jaro then appeared to sell Limis out by revealing that she was working for Starfleet. Teero then had Limis and Lieutenant Commander Mandel Morrison incarcerated and prepared for mind-alteration.

Teero then revealed to Jaro his intention to turn Bajoran First Minister Shakaar Edon and other key members of the Bajoran government into sleeper agents. When a team of Starfleet and MACO troops came to the rescue, Jaro helped free the Starfleet prisoners, but Teero eluded capture.

Teero had been implanted with one of the Bluegills, who were using his cause as a cover for their own activities on Bajor. This implantation allowed him to communicate telepathically with the Spawn Mother. The Spawn Mother declared her intention to continue to try to use Shakaar as part of her plans. (Star Trek: Lambda Paz: " Divided Loyalties")

In 2377 (presumably free of the Bluegills after their plans for Bajor were thwarted (DS9 novel: Unity)). Teero planned to resurrect the Maquis using the Maquis crewmembers on the USS Voyager. Teero embedded a subliminal message containing the chant into a letter to Tuvok from his son Sek. Tuvok then used Vulcan mind melds to implant Teero's commands into other Maquis crewmembers, allowing the hypnosis to be activated once the chant was repeated. A Maquis mutiny was subsequently thwarted when Tuvok regained control and used mind melds to undo Teero's hypnosis. (VOY: "Repression")

Teero Anaydis was played by Keith Szarabajka in VOY: "Repression".

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