Simple copy

All parameters optional.
|type         =
|color        = 
|name         = (defaults to page name)
|image1       =
|imagebgcolor =
|image1a      =
|caption1     = 
|actorsource  = 
|actor        = 
|gender       = 
|species      = 
|born         = 
|died         = 
|hair         = 
|eyes         = 
|height       = 
|weight       = 
|affiliation  = 
|occupation   = 
|title        = 
|stationed    = 
|rank         = 
|insignia1    = 
|insignia2    = 
|spouse(s)    = 
|children     = 
|mother       = 
|father       = 
|siblings     = 
|relatives    = 
|image2       = 
|caption2     = 
|actor2       = 
|actorsource2 = 
|player       =

Detailed usage

|color       = *gold
|name        = FirstName LastName
|image1      = mypicture.png
|image1a     = mysmallpicture.png 
|imagebgcolor= white2 
|caption1    = Captain Joebob in 4324 (optional)
|actorsource = Whether the actor's RL page should be linked "Memoryalpha" or "Wikipedia"
|actor       = Actor who portrays the character
|gender      = Male/Female
|species     = Human/Klingon/etc
|born        = Year
|died        = Died
|hair        = Bald/White/Brown/None/etc
|eyes        = Brown/Blue/Green/other/etc
|height      = xx.x
|weight      = xx.xx
|affiliation = Starfleet
|occupation  = Starfleet officer
|title       = Commanding Officer
|stationed   = USS Starship (NCC-1234)
|rank        = Captain
|insignia1   = {{superimpose|Rank image 1}} (optional)
|insignia2   = {{superimpose|Rank image 2}} (optional)
|spouse(s)   = spouse(s) (optional)
|children    = children (optional)
|mother      = mother (optional)
|father      = father (optional)
|siblings    = siblings (optional)
|relatives   = other immediate kin (optional)
|image2      = mypicture.png (optional)
|caption2    = Captain Joebob in 3262 (optional)
|actor2      = If the character has been played by more than one actor, note it here.
|player      = names the player of an RPG character, if applicable. (optional)

* Color parameter has the following possible values (do not include * in sidebar):

Color Section
blue Science, medical (TOS, TNG)
bronze Engineering (Star Trek: Remington)
darkblue Marines (TOS movies), command (28th century)
darkgreen Security (TOS movies), marines
gray Sciences (TOS movies)
green Command (TOS), Romulan military personnel
gold/ops Command, helm (ENT, TOS), ops (TOS movies), engineering, security (TNG/DS9/VOY)
lavender Helm (Star Trek: Remington)
lightblue Hydran military personnel
lightgreen Medical (TOS movies)
olive Marines
orange Sciences (TMP)
red/command Engineering, communications, security (ENT, TOS), command, helm (TNG/DS9/VOY), Klingon military personnel
red2 Cadets (TOS movies)
teal1 Sciences, medical (ENT, DS9/VOY)
teal2 Services (TOS movies)
white Command (TOS movies), medical (Star Trek: Remington)
yellow Lighter version of gold (Nemesis era), Lyran military personnel

If a divisional color does not apply to the character, use gray or leave blank.

For rank images, see Category:Ranks.

Additional color parameters for the "image1a" field:

Color Section
black2 True black background.
white2 True white background (the other "white", above, is more of an off-white).


Parameters in bold are required fields. Though most of these fields are optional, try to fill in as many as possible.

NOTE: The first actor field should correspond to the top image (if images are provided) and the second to the bottom image. Leave "actorsource" blank to link to STEU.

Parameter Explanation
type Whether the character is a Starfleet Officer, Klingon Defense Force Officer, Civilian, etc., in All Caps.
color Department color. If inapplicable, leave blank.
name Name of the character.
image1 An image of the character. If no image is available leave blank and [[File:Expanded.png]] will automatically be used.
image1a Same as "image1" except if your image is small and you don't want your image auto-enlarged. Leave "image1" blank if using this field.
imagebgcolor Works with the "image1a" field: Use if small image in "image1a" is transparent and you want to control the cell's background color.
caption1 A caption for the first image, if applicable.
actor Actor who portrays the character. If a RPG character the player's name belongs in the Player field.
actorsource Source of the actor's page on Memory Alpha or Wikipedia. "Memoryalpha" must be one word. If no MA/Wikipedia article exists, leave blank; this creates a redlink for an article on this wiki.
gender male or female
species Which race the character hails from (human, Klingon, Romulan, etc.).
born Date of character's birth. Date, month, [[year]]. If unknown, put Unknown.
died Date of character's death. If inapplicable, leave blank.
hair Color of character's hair (if any). If unknown, leave blank.
eyes Character's eye color (blue, brown, etc.) or type (photocellular, optronic, etc.). If unknown, leave blank.
height Character's height in meters. If unknown, leave blank.
weight Character's weight in kilograms. If unknown, leave blank.
affiliation Nation, race or organization character is affiliated with.
occupation Character's primary occupation. If same as title, leave blank. "Starfleet officer" is not required.
title Character's job title or position in rank hierarchy. List only current/most recent.
stationed Location of job/assignment. Ship, starbase, planet, etc. List only current or most notable assignments. If more than one, separate with <br>.
rank Character's current/most recent military rank. If inapplicable, leave blank.
insignia1 See Rank guide for information on rank images. If inapplicable, leave blank.
insignia2 See Rank guide for information on rank images.. If inapplicable, leave blank.
spouse(s) Character's wife/husband. If more than one, separate with <br>.
children Character's child(ren). Separate with <br>. If the list is extensive, leave blank and list separately in main body of article.
mother Character's mother.
father Character's father.
siblings Character's sibling(s). Separate with <br>. If the list is extensive, leave blank and list separately in main body of article.
relatives Character's other family if known, other than spouse(s), children, parents and siblings. Separate with <br>. If the list is extensive, leave blank and list separately in main body of article.
image2 A second image of the character (usually used for canon characters whose appearances have changed over time). If inapplicable, leave blank.
caption2 A caption for the second image, if applicable.
actor2 A second actor for the character, if applicable.
actorsource2 Actorsource parameter for actor2.
player If the character is from an RPG then the player's name goes here. Leave blank if player is unknown or the character is not from an RPG. Film actor's names belong in the actor fields not here.
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