This template can be used for the summary page for a stand-alone fan film or a fan film series. For episodes in a series use {{fanfilm episode}}

Example (series)

| name        = Tales of the Seventh Fleet
| image       = ATOH-ccg1a.gif
| series      = USS ''Justice''
| author      = Several
| format      = DivX

Example (stand alone)

| name   = Illiad
| image  = ODY101WP001 - Odyssey cast-640.jpg
| series = ''[[Star Trek: Odyssey]]''
| released = September 2007
| author = [[Rob Caves]]
| director = [[J. T. Tepnapa]]
| dur = 53
| format =  Quicktime
| image2 = ODY101 Archein ship 320.jpg


| name   = 
| image  = 
| image2 = 
| series = 
| released =
| director = 
| author = 
| duration =
| format = 


Boldface indicates a required parameter. All the rest are optional.

Parameter Explanation
name Title of the episode
image If no image is available leave blank and [[File:Expanded.png]] will automatically be added.
image2 A second image, if applicable.
series Title of series, if this film is an episode in a fan-film series. For a stand-alone entry, this may be used for a related series, or omitted.
code Production code (if this film has a production code; these are often formatted like 4x01 or 1.03).
season Season number (if this film is an episode in a series divided in to seasons).
released The (real-world) date the episode was released. Just month & year or just year will usually suffice.
director Director credits
author Story or teleplay credits
dur Length of the video, in minutes. The word "min" is appended automatically; even films over a an hour long should be quoted in minutes.
format Name of video format (e.g., Quicktime)
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