Star Trek Expanded Universe


{{fanfilm episode
| series   = 
| name     = 
| image    = 
| ep_num   = 
| prod_num = 
| status   = 
| date     = 
| runtime  = 
| writer   = 
| director = 
| vfx      = 
| music    = 
| guest    = 
| stardate = 
| year     = 
| image2   = 
| prev     = 
| next     = 

Parameters in bold are required fields.

Parameter Explanation
series Fan film series this episode is part of.
name Name of episode.
image An image relevant to the show. If left blank [[File:Expanded.png]] will be displayed.
ep_num Numerical order number of the episode within the season.
prod_num Production code or number of this episode.
status Status of production. ("In production", "pre-production", etc.)
date Original airdate/release date of episode.
runtime Length of episode.
writer The writer(s) of this episode. Separate multiple credits ("story by", "teleplay by") with line breaks (<br/>).
director Episode director(s).
vfx Visual effects producer(s)
music music producer(s)
guest Guest stars of this episode. Separate multiple people with line breaks (<br/>).
stardate The stardate the event/episode took place in.
year The (story) year the event/episode took place in.
prev Wiki-link to the previous episode article. Enclose with [[brackets]].
next Wiki-link to the next episode article. Enclose with [[brackets]]. Note: Leaving this blank will exclude "previous episode" and "episode chronology".