Star Trek Expanded Universe

"Pre" = short for prefix. This template is intended to simplify wikicode needed for italicizing starship names, such as:

[[USS Enterprise|USS ''Enterprise'']]

The template allows for up to four variables, but only requires two:

  1. Ship prefix (required)
  2. Ship's name (required)
  3. Disambiguation (if any)
  4. Textual postfix (if any)
{{pre|USS|Shipname|Disambiguation|Postfix text}}


The simplest use is with the ship's name, such as:


USS Enterprise

Single-variable use should be avoided if a name applies to more than one ship, unless directing the user to a disambiguation page. An example of this would be:


USS Enterprise

To link to a disambiguating starship name, enter the disambiguation text as the second variable:


USS Enterprise-E

See also: {{uss}}, {{iks}}, {{iss}}.