Star Trek Expanded Universe


{{Roleplaying episode
| image        = 
| series       = 
| seriesb      = 
| season       = 
| originaldate = 
| prod_number  = 
| year         = 
| stardate     = 
| prevep       =
| nextep       =


Parameters in bold are required fields.

Parameter Explanation
Image An image relevant to the episode. It may very well be the title logo of your series. If no image is available leave blank and [[File:Expanded.png]] will automatically be added.
Series The series the episode is from. Must be a template.
Seriesb Provides a link to the series the episode is from with the use of a template. Series must be blank.
Season The numbered Season within your series. (e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc.)
Original post date The date in the episode was originally created. Year-Month-Day. (e.g. 2006-01-30)
Production number The sequential code, or production number in which the episode was created. The number usually coincides with the number episode it is. (e.g. DS9 34, DS9 35, DS9 36, etc.)
Year The year in which the episode takes place within the Trek universe. Example: (e.g. 2376, 2377, 2378, etc.)
Stardate The stardate within the Trek universe in which the episode takes place. (e.g. 57432.6, 8643.2, unknown, etc.)
Previous Season Previous season (optional)
Next Season Next season (optional)