Star Trek Expanded Universe
Sidebar species

Sample copy

All parameters optional.

{{Sidebar species
| name =
| image1 = 
| caption1 =
| planet =
| gov =
| form =
| executive =
| headofstate =
| founded =
| formation =
| location =
| capital =
| legislature =
| judiciary =
| military =
| milcom =
| flagship =
| intel =
| religion =
| lang =
| money =
| anthem =
| affiliation =
| image2 = 
| caption2 =

Detailed usage

| name = So'jan
| image1 = sojan_flag.jpg
| caption1 = Flag of the So'jan People
| planet = [[Ka'al]]
| gov = So'ja Coalition
| form = [[Monarchy]]
| executive = [[King]]
| headofstate = [[Ar'kon]]
| founded = [[2379]]
| formation = [[coup d'état]]
| location = [[Oralian sector]]
| capital = Ka'fa
| legislature = So'jan Senate
| judiciary = Legate Es Soloja
| military = So'ja High Command
| milcom = [[Admiral]] [[Da'note]]
| flagship = CWS ''Kal’sa''
| intel = ''Okad Pahn''
| religion = Ba'gee the Guide
| lang = So'janese
| money = ''Solog’na'' Credit Chips
| anthem = "March of the Coalition"
| affiliation = [[Tyson Calok]], [[Di'gan]]
| image2 = danote.jpeg
| caption2 = Supreme Admiral Da'note


Parameters in bold are required fields. Though most of these fields are optional, try to fill in as many as possible.

Parameter Explanation
name Name of the species.
image1 An image to represent species, either their symbol or an image of one of them. If no image is available use [[Image:Expanded.png]].
caption1 A caption for the first image, if applicable.
planet The name of the planet the species is from.
gov The name of the species's government.
form The name of the type of government they have, i.e. Monarchy, Republic, Dictatorship, Democracy, etc.
executive The title held by the chief executive or leader of the government, i.e. King, President, Prime Minister, etc.
headofstate The name of the person, or people, who hold the position of head of state.
founded The date the government was founded.
formation The way the government came into being, i.e. revolution, coup d'état, etc.
location The location of the species in the Star Trek universe, i.e. Alpha Quadrant. You could also use the name of the sector or system.
capital The capital city of the species.
legislature The name of the legislative branch of the government, if applicable. i.e. United States Congress.
judiciary The name of the judiciary branch of the government, if applicable. i.e the United States Supreme Court.
military The name associated with their military, i.e. Starfleet for the United Federation of Planets.
milcom The name of the person in charge of the military, it could be a character's name or just the title of the person in charge. i.e. Admiral Harold Anton, or just Commander-in-Chief.
flagship The name of the flagship of the military, if applicable. i.e. USS Enterprise for Starfleet.
intel The name of the government's intelligence service, i.e. Tal Shiar for the Romulan Star Empire.
religion The name of the species's religion, or the imposed religion of the government; if applicable.
lang The language the species speaks, of the official government language.
money The type of currency they use, or the pacific name of their currency. i.e. Dollar, Euro.
anthem The official anthem or song of the species, if applicable.
affiliation Any other governments, people, or species that they are affiliated with.
image2 If you so desire, you can add another image.
caption2 A caption for your second image, if you wish to give one.