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Parameters in bold are required fields.

Parameter Explanation
image An image relevant to the unit. Should be resized to a width of 200 pixels or below. If no image is available, [[Image:Expanded.png]] will instead be used.
unit The unit's official designation(e.g. 9th fleet, Task Force 59, etc.).
name The unit's Callsign or nickname (e.g. Galaxy wing, Puma Squadron, Jolly Rogers etc.).
affiliation Who unit serves. Please be brief. (e.g. Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Dominion, etc.)
type Type of unit. (e.g. Fleet, fighter Squadron, Armored Cavalry Platoon etc.)
size How many ships/personnel/vehicles/soldiers are part of this unit?
craft What ships or vehicles are specifically used by this unit? If the list is extensive, leave blank and list separately in main body of article.
weapons What special weapons or capabilities (if any) does this unit use? Seperate multiple weapon systems with <br> .
mission What types of missions (if any) does this unit specialize in?