Star Trek Expanded Universe

Ten Forward was the name of the crew lounge aboard the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D, located at the forward section of Deck 10. The El-Aurian Guinan served as Ten Forward's hostess and bartender from 2365 until the vessel's destruction in 2371. (TNG: "The Child", et. al; Star Trek Generations)

It is unclear if all the crew lounges aboard Galaxy-class starships were called Ten Forward, or if that name was exclusive to the Enterprise lounge.

A Ten Forward lounge was added to the Constitution-class refit USS Enterprise-A in 2380 during an 8-week refit to bring the 23rd century ship up to 24th century standards. Out of respect to the Enterprise-A's now largely Hogwarts-based crew, it was named the "Leaky Cauldron," after the most popular drinking establishment on Hogwarts. (Harry Potter and the Return of James T. Kirk)


Norexan-class ships were equipped with a similar lounge, also located in the forward section of Deck 10, like its Galaxy-class counterparts. Its computer contained 10,000 recipes and its bar offered 500 varieties of alcoholic beverages, ranging from Romulan ale to Meridor. And four-card poker could be played on the establishment's tables. On the RIS Bouteina there were slot machines as well. (RIS Bouteina)

It is unclear if gagh or bloodwine was served onboard, but they were made available in the establishment's replicators.