Tenaria is the class M homeworld of the Tenarians located in a remote pocket of the Beta Quadrant. (The Star Eagle Adventures)

The planet was discovered by the United Federation of Planets in 2361 by the USS Fearless during a deep space survey.

Tenaria is a picturesque, peaceful world on which poverty, crime and violence are almost unknown. The planet has never suffered from wars, overpopulation or pollution and the its natural beauty remains completely intact.

Many cities on Tenaria are located in the sky and contain white marble buildings.

Starfleet officer Michael Owens who was a crewmember of the USS Fearless remained on Tenaria after its departure in order to further cultivate relations. His efforts culminated with the planets affiliation to the Federation in 2367.

While stationed on Tenaria Owens became friends with DeMara Deen, the daughter of a prominent member of the planet's ruling party. DeMara Deen began her training as a Starfleet officer on Tenaria before leaving for Starfleet Academy.

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