The Tenarians are a humanoid species native to the planet Tenaria located in a remote pocket of the Beta Quadrant. Tenarians remain an almost mythical race and even though they have been affiliated with United Federation of Planets since 2367 their existence is not widely known. (The Star Eagle Adventures)

Tenaria was discovered by the Federation in 2361 by the USS Fearless during a deep space survey. The crew was warmly welcomed by the Tenarians who had already developed warp technology but had not often ventured out of their system. They did display a surprising knowledge of the universe however, including knowledge of many alien species.

Tenarians are an almost elfish race in beauty and grace. Most who have met a Tenarian or the few who have visited their home world have found them extremely cordial and spellbindingly attractive. Their aura which has not yet been scientifically explained causes most humanoids to feel attracted to Tenarians and many witnesses speak of a sudden tranquility and calm when they come in contact with Tenarians. This effect is sometimes referred to as the Glow and some attribute it to Tenarian Schnapps, a beverage popular among many races due to its supposed medicinal properties. However no scientific evidence for this theory exists.

Tenarians do not settle conflicts through violence and war is an almost unknown concept on their world. They are an extremely perceptive race and children receive an extensive education in the sciences.

Tenarians mature significantly faster than most other humanoid races and are considered to be fully mature at the age of twelve. Their appearance is surprisingly similar to that of humans. Their hair is often a bright, shimmering golden or reddish color and many Tenarians have purple, turquoise or emerald colored eyes.

DeMara Deen, the operations officer of the USS Eagle, was a Tenarian.

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