A tender is a type of class 2 starship in the inventory of the United Federation of Planets Starfleet and other starfaring governments.

Tenders vary in displacement and capability, from shuttle tenders (e.g. USS Scopus) up to "Murphs" — Pearl-class mobile repair facilities. Their purpose is the repair and maintenance of starships when starbase facilities are not immediately available. Tenders have stores of tools and spare parts — and, by the early 24th century, replicators. They are crewed by engineers and technicians and may even have alien technologies officers who are familiar with the technology of non-Federation civilizations.

As hospital ships are designed to handle casualties beyond the capacity of any one starship's sickbay, so are tenders designed to effect repairs beyond the current or expected scope of a single starship's damage control teams.

In 2295, upon completion of a mission in the Tengen system, USS Malverne was scheduled to dock at Komarov Station, but docked instead at Shadowstar Station, where the fleet tender Puget Sound was located. (Star Trek: Malverne: "Police Action")

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