Trevean, a Teplan male
Planet: Yarmta
Government: Teplan Protectorate
Form of Government: elective autocracy
Head of State: Lord Protector
Formation: by 22nd century
Location: Teplan system, Gamma Quadrant
Capital: Keralaton
Military: Teplan Militia
Commander: Strategos
Affiliation: Dominion
  • vassal (?-2411; de facto independent after 2192)

United Federation of Planets

Ekoria, a Teplan female with terminal stage Teplan blight

The Teplan were a humanoid species native to the Gamma Quadrant. (DS9: "The Quickening"; The War of the Masters: "A Good Compromise")

History[edit | edit source]

During the 22nd century the Teplan fought against the Dominion, including attempting to crash a commandeered Jem'Hadar attack ship into the Karemma homeworld, and lost. As punishment for their resistance the Dominion infected the population with the incurable Blight. The Dominion abandoned the planet to its fate by 2192. (DS9: "The Quickening"; The War of the Masters: "A Good Compromise")

In 2372, Doctor Julian Bashir created an antigen that when given to pregnant mothers resulted in their children been born free of the blight giving future generations the chance to be free of the disease. (DS9: "The Quickening")

By 2411 the Teplans' population had begun to expand again. Those still infected with the blight were now referred to as the Afflicted. The Teplans had returned to space, constructing light freighters to trade arts and crafts in systems such as Stakoron, which attracted the Dominion's attention once more. Lord Protector Julyeen contacted the Federation in hopes of gaining their protection, which was granted and enforced by a Starfleet squadron under Captain Tyria Sark. Starfleet medical personnel discovered that the blight had mutated in some of the Afflicted and could now transmit itself despite the vaccine, but Lieutenant Hantra Faz of USS McCoy believed she could re-adapt the vaccine. After this, a Jem'Hadar attack ship squadron raided the system, but Captain Sark was able to work out a deal with the Vorta Kilana to secure Teplan independence from the Dominion. (The War of the Masters: "A Good Compromise")

Society and culture[edit | edit source]

After the introduction of the Teplan blight, the Teplans took to euthanasia to avoid the painful death from the disease's terminal stage. (DS9: "The Quickening")

Government and military[edit | edit source]

The Teplans were ruled by the Lord Protector, an elected autocrat.

The Teplans had a military, the Teplan Militia, composed of minutemen. (The War of the Masters: "A Good Compromise")

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