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"A new era is at era that will expose the concept of inter-species unity as an absolute and vicious lie. An era that will witness the advent of a human-centric consciousness that will place our world before all others. As of this moment mankind casts off the shackles of alien interference and now determines its own fate. Terra Prime...forever."
- John Frederick Paxton, 2155

The Terra Prime logo

Terra Prime was a terrorist organization that attempted to have all non-humans removed from the Sol System in the 2150s

In 2151, the group conducted a small protest against the launch of the Enterprise, as Malcolm Reed later recalled. ('ENT: "Demons")

In 2155, group leader John Frederick Paxton ordered the creation of a binary clone, a hybrid with parentage from T'Pol and Charles Tucker III. The infant, named Elizabeth, was unable to survive. (ENT: "Terra Prime")

Alternate Continuities[]

On August 15th, 2160, Paxton's son, Jefferson Davis Paxton, battered and sexually assaulted Ruby Brannagh, after an evening at the 602 Club, and left her for dead. Among the suspects were Malcolm Reed, Major Strong Bear Dawson, Daniel Chang, Tristan Curtis, Derek Kelby and Josef Kastle. Paxton's son later confessed to the attack, and claiming that Starfleet was responsible for the death of his father in prison, and that the investigation was designed to hurt Starfleet and ruin its reputation. He further claimed that interspecies unity was not possible, and that the Vulcan government was only using humans as a means to its own selfish ends. (In Between Days: Shell Shock)