The Thalan-class was a type of swift frigate that saw service with the Romulan Star Empire during the 24th century. The class entered service in 2370. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 5: Starships of the Romulan Star Empire)

The Thalan resembled the Theta-class swift courier however it lacked the organic lines of that vessel, instead making use of sharp, straight lines. The Thalan had three warp nacelles with the third mounted along the dorsal centerline at the aft of the main hull. The ship's impulse engines were located at the aft of the main hull and one mounted beneath each of the side nacelle pylons.

The Thalan was designed by Dalgarius, who also helped design the Theta class, in response to the Star Navy's request for a new type of vessel to undertake long range patrols and serve as a rapid response craft. Dalgarius's design was much smaller than was expected but made use of the best propulsion systems and power maintenance systems available. However, some considered it sightly weak in terms of weapons and it also had no aft quadrant weapon coverage either, which has led some to be retrofitted with more powerful weapons.

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