The Beast is a being of legend, whose origin and longevity are a mystery. For a time its home was rumored to be on Joc-Duloc. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

In 2383, Lilly Adar accidentally released the Beast from an Oppressor Gateway. ("The Forgotten Planet")

In history[edit | edit source]

In legend and myth, the Beast has appeared on many worlds. On Earth, he was known as the Devil, Satan, or Lucifer. He was often depicted as a horned animal, such as the Devil's depiction in the Codex Gigas.

The inhabitants of the planet Yoth, depicted the Beast as a humanoid with the head of a Jackal, similar to the Ancient Egyptian God Anubis. This was how the Beast was depicted throughout much of the Oralian sector. Peoples of this region of space also refer to the Beast as the Lord of Red, fore legend says that the Beast bestows the gift of red eyes upon its disciples. ("The Forgotten Planet", "Internal")

However, no one truly knows the Beast's true appearance.

Some Oralian sector scholars believed that the Beast came into being along with the First Ones. ("The Forgotten Planet")

Mark of the Beast[edit | edit source]

In the Earth religion Christianity, the Mark of the Beast, according to the Book of Revelation of the New Testament of the Christian Bible, is the number 666. (The Bible: 13:17-18)

Apparently, the Beast also visited many worlds in the Oralian sector, leaving his mark on their societal memory. One such world was Yoth, in which the entire planet was covered in a deluge ever four years as a result of his mark. ("The Forgotten Planet")

The Argaylen Cascade was associated with the Beast largely due to the fact that it occasionally glowed red, which was the result of its proximity to a nearby binary star system. Tyson Calok believed in this to the extent that he went to the cascade in search of the Beast. ("Internal")

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