"The Beginning" was the tenth episode of Star Trek: Dragon, written by Jon Wasik. This episode marks the beginning of the Vorkalai War.


Only a month has passed since Captain Harriman proposed to Commander Caft, and the wedding day is already at hand. A great hall is created on the holodeck and a Hintaru official has agreed to marry them. However, before the ceremony can begin, news reaches the Hintaru home world: the Vorkalai have attacked one of the Hintaru outer defense colonies. The war has begun.

With a new primary phaser cannon and two cutting phasers added to the Dragon's arsenal, two technologies acquired previously in alternate dimensions, the ship sets out with a fleet of Hintaru ships to rescue the besieged defense station.

Two thousand ships compliment the Hintaru fleet while more than two thousand remain in drydock undergoing upgrades, however they face over ten thousand Vorkalai ships, numbers beyond anything ever encountered before by the Hintaru. They engage the Vorkalai, and thanks vastly to their immense weakness to Quantum Torpedoes, which all ships in the fleet have begun to carry, the Vorkalai retreat, leaving over five thousand of their own ships destroyed and only eleven Hintaru ships destroyed, numbers far more encouraging that Captain Harriman thought possible.

When the battle is over and the pieces are picked up, Captain Harriman and Commander Caft are able to complete their marriage.

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