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The Defector is the seventh episode of Star Trek: The Stoneship Files.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Act 1[edit | edit source]

The IKS Pterodactyl-of-Prey returned from a raid on Du'Qot, with the Stoneship now out of drydock. Back on Starbase 47 (Lyran), the reaping takes place, with Brianna Reiss taking one prisoner out of the prisoners captured from the IKS Kartadza. Ordered to return to Malachor V after the reaping is over, Brianna then proceeds to select Alaa with her reaping ticket, after waiting 11 hours.

Act 2[edit | edit source]

On the Stoneship, Alaa then proceeds to tell them that the Klingon High Council froze tuition since the Dominion War and the high-tuition situation of the Klingon university system, as well as her sentence of one year in prison for libel due to comments that the Klingon High Council neglected higher education. Brianna then informs Lyran Starfleet Command about Alaa giving conferences about tuition history.

Act 3[edit | edit source]

Once in the holodeck, a select number of crewmen activated Tuition Crisis again, with the holodeck occupants meeting with Caroline Laplante the day after the mega-protest in Montreal. Alaa rewound the program to the speech delivered by Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois at the end of the first mega-protest of the 2012 Quebec student strike. After fast-forwarding the program, the PHYSUM had its general assembly and the motion of putting the student association into unlimited general strike being voted on, passing at 77%. Upon arriving at Malachor V, Brianna had the flight crew deliver the copies of Tuition Crisis to the holodeck theaters that ordered them.

Act 4[edit | edit source]

Alaa got invited to a talk show held in a studio near Aldanna University and, at the same time, Brianna had the away team pin red squares on their uniforms. The audience in the studio realized that, beyond accusing the Klingon High Council of neglecting higher education, she had solutions put forward, but some of them were only applicable to the Klingon context and not on Malachor V. And the Angry Gréviste Studios purchased a facility to develop new holodeck programs with Lagdou University also on strike.

Act 5[edit | edit source]

At their new facility, Mrazek, Urie and other people set up an exhibition of student activism history, with tools used by early picketers (pitchforks and torches) and more modern tools like picket signs and megaphones, Brianna even going as far as attempting to make a replica of the yellow picket sign used by Yvan Ung (real world) that read "Le gouvernementsonge aux étudiants" that ran until the mega-protest could be staged in Tinseltown, the planetary capital, on the day the Lyran Star Empire finally declared peace with the Klingon Empire, later resolving the crisis.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Mr. Bachand, you're wrong when you say that the student movement will crumble; in the next few weeks, we will be even more students than ever in the streets, we will perturb more than ever in Quebec, Mr. Bachand, Mrs. Beauchamp and Mr. Charest: open your eyes, you are surrounded, you have only one option: RE-CU-LEZ!"
— GND at the mega-protest in Montreal
"Of course a strike is going to disturb, but this is a last resort measure and one that is likely to work."
— Alaa on the student strike
"Are we making money on the backs of the population who just want to get informed?"
— Lisunia, after seeing the money made by Tuition Crisis at the box office

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