The Departure was the first episode written for the RIS Bouteina universe. This episode has been completed on November 12, 2009.

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Recently promoted Annika Hansen received her mission briefing from the hands of the Romulan Senate itself, as do all the senior staff of the RIS Bouteina, taking turns before the Senate Chamber.

After the senior crew is beamed up, the captain installs all of her World of Warcrack box art as decorations in her ready room. However, Vaebn Mairex realizes, as he helped the crew get ready for departure, on the Ops console of the bridge, that the artificial singularity drive was only operating at 86% (due to an electro-plasma conduit bottleneck and also use of both cloaking device and multi-adaptive shielding)

In her exploration of crew quarters, which she finds very similar to that of Federation starships, she finds a Romulan Naval Academy cadet undergoing his cadet cruise. That cadet had to manage entertainment and cooking as well as his transporter room, and he asks the cook to program the computer terminal within the quarters to remind him of his final exams in three months. She then goes to the main science facilities, where Taev Radaik tells her he had received the latest scientific equipment.

While Erein tr'Mendak runs a diagnosis check of environmental systems, he discovers that there is a leak in the moisture control system on Deck 19, caused by an improper installation of the subspace highway detector. The Tal Shiar interfered with testing of the bio-dampeners, even going so far as to demand them to be first should a conflict arise concerning their use. Once all preparations are completed, the ship departed Romulus for Talvath at maximum warp.

Memorable quotes Edit

"Riov, your loyalty was never in doubt. Unlike those petaQs we seemed to use because we had to rebuild our fleet from the Dominion War casualties."
— Transporter operator to Annika
"Jolan'tru, Vaebn Mairex. I have no news concerning the appointment of my First Officer. I know this mission is a bit unorthodox. But I know these Senators; they always hide the truth to even the closest of their Tal Prai'ex protectors."
— Annika Hansen to Vaebn Mairex in the Senate antechamber
"For the glory of the Empire!"
— Annika Hansen to the Senate

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