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"The End of Change" is the eleventh episode of Star Trek: Reliant and the fourth episode of season two.

Possibly, the final episode of the series. No episodes have been released since.


  • Darren Hann as Captain O'Brien
  • Joann Pelley as 7 of 9
  • Chris Stevens as Admiral Simmons
  • Rob Ledrew as Doctor Higgins
  • Krista Skanes-Burt as Lt. Ral
  • Peggy Dixon as Sa'tar
  • Jerry Languirand as Spock
  • Synika G as Saavik
  • Jerry Russell as Ensign
  • Renda Carr as Captain Kole
  • Jeff Keeping as Captain Rogers
  • Heather Megill as Vulcan Aide
  • Darlene Stacey-Walsh as thug 1
  • Larry Walsh as thug 2
  • John King as thug 3

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