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Have the crew found a mythical planet?


The Pioneer is sent on a mission to rescue the crew of a lost Romulan Warbird. But what they find is a mythical planet that was not suppose to exist, and a mystery surrounding the strange inhabitants of a large hibernation chamber.

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"What do the humans call it?"
"The Fountain of Youth, I believe."
"Yes. Takaram mentioned the myth to me. Apparently the humans once believed in a spring of water which held the secret to eternal life. Perhaps the myths were based on fact."
"Most legends are, Commander."
— Commander Rhiana Keras and Subcommander Stelam discussing the reality of the planet Yoth's existence.

"You’ve got the hots for her, man!"
"Lusting over some one is not the same thing as love, Connor."
— Burt and Kelsoe discussing the Kelsoe's feelings towards Captain Sarah Tellening.

"I presume you got what you required?"
"All that I required... and more."
L'mar and Tyson Calok, after Calok finished probing the mind of a captured Romulan Tal Shiar agent.

"The Tal Shiar does not lose its operatives, Colonel."
— General Kassus on the mission warbird.

"Think of him as a cancer within the body that is the Federation. He may appear benign, but he is far from that."
"So, we need to excise the tumor before it begins to spread."
"But how can we do that without violating our oaths?"
"Simple, we have the enemy do it for us."
Tolleson and Rodney Brickenhouser discussing President Korvin Mot.

"Follow me, flesh-sack."
— Molelink, on describing humans.

"Follow then. Follow and lead. Lead and follow."
— Molelink telling Kelsoe to follow him.

"Free. I'm Free!"
— First words spoken by the Beast.

"The Beast has awaken!"
— Calok, after witnessing the Temple on Yoth quake.


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