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"The Founders - Part 2" was the seventh episode of Star Trek: Dragon, written by Jon Wasik.


The Dragon has once again been sabotaged, however only a minor system this time. Captain Harriman believes this sabotage was meant to cover up another replacement. However, he decides to enact a plan using a changeling named Adora, a member of the crew, but from a shape-shifting species different from the Founders.

Adora infiltrates a meeting of the Founders, portraying one of the two captured Founders. He learns that the Founders are planning to sabotage one of the ship's fusion reactors, and that they plan on replacing a significant number of the command crew during this time.

Continuing to operate without the knowledge of the majority of the crew, Captain Harriman consults his remaining senior staff. They come up with a plan to stop the sabotage attempt, however at that moment a Vorkalai battle cruiser decloaks and fires upon the Dragon.

The Dragon is able to destroy the Vorkalai ship, and even capture several Vorkalai in the process, however a fleet of Vorkalai ships then attack. Before they are able to destroy the Dragon, a fleet of Hintaru ships, the rescue fleet carrying Commander Dutralium and his people. Together they are able to fend off the Vorkalai fleet, but considerable damage is done to the Dragon and several crew members are killed.

They communicate with Commander Dutralium and learn that the rescue fleet had captured a Vorkalai ship shortly after the Dragon left his people. They used Vorkalai technology to modify their ships to be effective against the Vorkalai without Quantum Torpedoes.

Captain Harriman is furious about the losses, believing that with their attention diverted to the Founders, they had not detected the Vorkalai fleet. He communicates with the entire ship and demands the Founders stop their efforts or else they might all die. At that moment Commander Caft reveals that she is a Founder, recently replaced. This Founder agrees that their efforts are reckless, especially considering the changes made to the timeline in their mission back to 2375.

The replaced crew members are found, and the Founders agree to create a new, but small Great Link on another world. After words, with a Hintaru fleet escorting them, they resume the long journey towards Hintaru space.

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