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The Further Adventures of Porthos - The Stilton Fulfillment is a short story by the pseudonymous Jespah.

The story is told from the perspective of Jonathan Archer's pet beagle, Porthos, while he is living on the Enterprise (NX-01).

On March 12, 2155, Porthos is brought along when the Caitian Ambassador, Gopalahr, visits the Enterprise and brings his family. This includes his youngest daughter, the shy, stuttering Parenelsa. She ends up overindulging the dog and feeding him too much cheese. Because the dog has lactose intolerance, this becomes a rather sticky situation.

Malcolm Reed, who secretly suffers from the same ailment, volunteers to take the dog to Sickbay. While Phlox treats both of them, the ship comes under attack. For their own safety, Porthos and the ambassador and his family are placed into the sickbay decontamination chamber, along with the sous-chef, Lili O'Day, who tries to be reassuring for the sake of the child.

When the ship is safe again, Archer informs Gopalahr that he believes it was a Romulan sortie, thereby prefiguring what would eventually be known as the Earth-Romulan War. The ambassador agrees, and the parties come to an understanding that the relationship between Cait and Earth should become more formalized, and Cait will likely eventually join the nascent Federation.

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