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The Lexington Adventures is a fan film series taking place in the Star Trek: The Motion Picture era; more specifically, the series takes place after the events seen in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (2286-2287). The series follows the crew of the USS Lexington (NCC-1709-A).


The series is being co-produced with Blue Ghost Productions, Starbase Studios, and Vance Major Productions.

The first short film, entitled "Rise of the Tribbles", was released on YouTube on 9 December 2017. More short films are in the works.

Central characters[]

Starship Lexington[]


The Lexington Adventures is planning on filming their episodes following the guidelines set forth by CBS/Paramount. The production plans to produce and release both short films and full 30-minute films as time and resources allow.

List of films[]

Production Title Posted Synopsis Stardate Year
001 "Rise of the Tribbles" 10 December 2017 In the 24th Century, Captain Erick Minard of the starship USS Constar reviews a hidden piece of history from Federation history: the time when the Klingons and the Federation almost went to war... concerning tribbles. Unknown Unknown
002 "Bellum Aeternus" 11 April 2020 The crew of the starship Lexington encounters an enemy that has some new tricks to destroy the Federation. Unknown Unknown

Fan Fiction[]

The series is also planning to release both novelizations of selected films and original stories set in various periods during the series.


The Lexington is the semi-canon Odysseus-class starship, designed by Todd Gunther and James Snaith. Her predecessor is the Constitution-class Lexington (NCC-1709); in this series, the Lexington survived her five year mission, was refitted, and decommissioned along with Enterprise in 2286. The old Lexington can be seen in the Starfleet Museum.

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