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The Misadventures of January McKenna was a novella-length fan fiction piece first published on the Internet in December of 1998. It was the prequel story for the popular multiuser text game, Where No One Has Gone Before.

Summary Text[]

(from the Repository)

The year is 2367. The Borg have entered Federation space and taken one of Starfleet's finest captains and assimilated him. He know guides them through the heart of their own defense and toward Earth. Only one ship stands in their way: Enterprise.

They failed.

Here, now, in its entirety, the novella that started a whole role-playing game; about an officer who survived the Battle of Wolf 359 only to take the fight back to the Borg, with some help from a few unlikely allies.



  • 1. My Ship Got Destroyed at Wolf 359 and All I Got Was This T-Shirt
  • 2. Life's a Bitch, and then there's the Borg
  • 3. The Antares Boogie
  • 4. Vulcan's Cacophony
  • 5. The Past, the Future, and the Klingon Empire
  • 6. Strange Bedfellows
  • 7. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
  • 8. For the Honor, Glory, and Pride of Qo'noS
  • 9. The Cirrius Prime Symphony (in D minor)
  • 10. not with a bang, but a whimper