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The Mysterious Case of Neelix's Lungs is an AU Star Trek: Voyager fanfic series by StarSword and Worffan101.

The series is episodic, featuring a mixture of rewritten canon episodes and original stories.


The story is set in an alternate timeline where the Caretaker captured Gul Aman Evek's CDS Vetar in addition to the Val Jean. When USS Voyager subsequently goes looking for the Val Jean, it is transported to the Delta Quadrant and the entire senior staff, including Captain Kathryn Janeway, is killed. However, Lieutenant Veronica Stadi, Voyager's conn officer (who was killed during the passage in the canon show) survived with severe injuries and is left acting captain.

They form an alliance with Gul Evek and begin a two-ship journey towards home.


Season 1[]

Episode Code Episode Title Publishing Date Link Summary
MCNL 1x1 Caretaker 15 Dec 2014 Story link Series premiere. The Caretaker kidnaps Voyager, Vetar, and Val Jean, and the crews begin their long journey home.
MCNL 1x2 Lizard-Women from Another Dimension! 23 Dec 2014 Story link The travelers encounter the Ha'ni, an extradimensional all-female reptilian race.
MCNL 1x3 The Mysterious Case of Neelix's Lungs 2 Jan 2015 Story link Neelix is attacked by Vidiians while exploring for dilithium.
MCNL 1x4 Eye of the Needle 5 Jan 2015 Story link Voyager and Vetar discover a micro-wormhole leading back to the Beta Quadrant, but unfortunately there's Romulans on the other side.
MCNL 1x5 Factoring Primes 15 Jan 2015 Story link The ships arrive at Sikaris to a warm welcome from the Sikarians, but soon discover their hosts possess technology that could cut their voyage in half.
MCNL 1x6 Revelations 18 Jan 2015 Story link The castaways come under heavy attack by the Kazon-Nistrim and discover they may have a mole on board.
MCNL 1x7 Setting the Curve 11 Feb 2015 Story link Recurring discipline issues come to a head when one of the ex-Maquis on Voyager causes a serious accident.
MCNL 1x8 Jetrel 30 Mar 2015 Story link Season 1 finale. Neelix is approached by Ma'Bor Jetrel of the Haakonian Order, a man who developed a weapon of mass destruction that killed three hundred million Talaxians in the Talaxian-Haakonian War.
ChuckTrek 1 ChuckTrek: They Made Seven Seasons of this Show? Story link Parody of VOY: "Caretaker", inspired by SF Debris.

Season 2[]

Episode Code Episode Title Publishing Date Link Summary
MCNL 2x1 Fire of the Mind 16 Aug 2015 Story link Season 2 premiere. The crews discover another Nacene array, crewed by Ocampa who have a strange effect on Kes.


MCNL has a fair amount of overlap in original characters with the Bait and Switch continuity by the same authors, though there are differences in backstories due to the AU.

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