You may also be looking for Painter, a lieutenant aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).

The Painter (real name unknown) was a Jenchum male from the artisans caste living in Enika on Goffan III in 2367.

Around 2352, at 15 years old, The Painter went through puberty and became Thrall-active. Date is conjecture. He said the Thrall came at 15 and he'd had it for 15 years. Up until 2367, he had never met someone who could receive his Thrall.

Sometime in the past, he became a painter. Members of the artisans caste who became a master at their craft surrendered their full name or part of their name. To speak their old name was said to revoke their talents.

He operated a combined workshop and shop on an Enikan city street in 2367. The workshop had at least two bedrooms upstairs. One of his works still on display in the same year was very similar to Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night painting, although this showed the mountains and hills around Enika, and a lake near the city reflecting stars in the sky.

In 2367, Kari Eriksson, disguised as a Jenchum, sought refuge in The Painter's workshop. Their attraction to one another was immediate, and The Painter's Thrall activated, putting Eriksson under his spell.

His Thrall brought out her creative side, unleashing painting after painting. He began to grow concerned with Eriksson exhibited violent and quick changes in emotion as well as symptoms like growing faint. The Painter felt perhaps he and Eriksson should break off their relationship; something she didn't want.

Her fellow USS Prospect colleagues Anne Lansing, Justin O'Donovan, George Stratos and Daniel Radke arrived in an attempt to bring Eriksson back to the ship. They explained to The Painter they were human, not Jenchum, and his Thrall had the potential to kill Eriksson. Instead of living with the thought he could severely injure or even kill her (through no fault of his own), he persuaded her to leave with her shipmates.

The last to leave, Lansing told The Painter she'd make sure CMO O'Donovan would work on possible solutions so one day The Painter and Eriksson might be brought back together again. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "Starry, Starry Night")

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