You may be looking for the prose version of this story, "The Price of Virtue".

"The Price of Virtue" is the original second audio episode of the Star Trek: Grissom fan film series. It is set in the latter half of the 23rd century aboard the Federation starship USS Grissom (NCC-638).

Primary castEdit

Character Rank Played By
J.T. Esteban Captain Clive Saunders
Dr. Vindizhei S'Raazh Commander Dallas Teague Snider
Stephanie Ottair Commander Jennifer Cole
Solak Commander Joshua Williams
Christopher Chattman Lieutenant Commander Nick Beckwith
Saavik Lieutenant Renda Carr
Lars Thorsen Lieutenant Rick Pike
Brian Childers Lieutenant Bodo Hartwig
Rebecca Sato Lieutenant junior grade Grainne Ahern
Aabin Specialist 2nd class Benjamin Cavesdale
Kara McLoughlin Engineering Cadet Aine NiChoilleain
Clive Saunders, Ph.D. Will Dees
Michael Liebmann, Ph.D. Michael Liebmann
Dr. David Marcus Adrian Howard Jones
Dr. Carol Marcus Melissa D. Wilson
Rachel Wood Ensign Hannah Klang
Seán Murphy Nurse Seán Paul Teeling
Harry Morrow Admiral Andrew Foster
Muggle Shadow McNamara Teeling

Special appearances are made by Glenn Harrison as Ch'balla, Annelie Greene as R'intu, Tobey Slagenweit Coffman as C'hai, Charles Miller III as Captain R'itarxx and Special Guest Star David O'Neill as General Karg.

Quick overviewEdit

Expanded Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The year is 2285. Political turmoil and secret military build-ups grip the Alpha Quadrant as rumours of an epic starship battle in the Mutara Nebula, and a secret project gone terribly wrong, reach the troubled citizens of the United Federation of Planets. In an atmosphere of paranoia and suspicion, the USS Grissom (NCC-638) is assigned to undertake a mission with galactic consequence and of the utmost secrecy. Under the command of veteran Captain Jonathan T. Esteban, the Grissom will undertake this mission, unaware it will be her last, the mission to the Genesis Planet!

Following the departure from Cinera Base, the Grissom crew undertake 2 missions. They must come to the aid of a luxury Star Liner, the Arcadia, which has picked up refugees fleeing across the neutral zone, who appear to be Klingon, but are not what they seem. Meanwhile Dr.'s Clive Saunders and Michael Liebmann must escape an elaborate Klingon trap on Pacifica.


"There are moments Vindi, where I really hate this job "
J.T. Esteban to Doctor Vindizhei S'Raazh
" And there are moments Jonathan, when I understand you completely"
Vindizhei S'Raazh to J.T. Esteban
"I'm not debating with you Saunders, get aboard that shuttle "
J.T. Esteban to Doctor Clive Saunders
"Now I know why I despise Starfleet"
— Doctor Clive Saunders to J.T. Esteban

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