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"The Prophets" was the ninth episode of Star Trek: Dragon, written by Jon Wasik. It begins a sub-story arc that is not resolved until the Season 4 episode The Prophets II.


The Bladerunner prototype is finally launched with Lieutenant James Trikal at the stick. The ship performs greater than anyone expected, Hintaru Plasma Drives combined with an always-active warp field allow the ship to maneuver at speeds close to the speed of light.

With the Dragon nearly ready, and a devastating war at hand, Captain Harriman orders shore leave for everyone, which some try to avoid. Captain Harriman and Commander Caft decide to travel to an untouched wilderness world nearby while Commander Kalia Tarkent decides to visit the Hintaru homeworld.

While on the planet's surface, Tarkent is surprised to find Kailar Nerrisay, the Bajoran-like being who previously sent the Dragon through the Millennium Gate. He has no memory of these events, however, and in fact details the destruction of his world many months ago at the hands of the Vorkalai. He also describes how his people had been brought to the Kalium Galaxy by beings known as the Prophets, and after a DNA scan Doctor Trieal confirms that his genetic structure is nearly identical to Bajoran DNA.

Meanwhile, while approaching the wilderness world, Harriman and Caft's runabout is attacked by a pirate ship and they are forced to beam to the surface before the runabout is destroyed. The Dragon receives the distress signal but is still unable to leave space dock, so Lieutenant Trikal is dispatched in the Bladerunner to rescue them. The Pirate ship is destroyed and the Captain and First Officer are rescued.

After words, the two decide to spend their leave on a holodeck simulation of Risa. Chris Harriman proposes to Sarah Caft.

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