The Red Shirt Diaries was a parody and spin-off Star Trek fan series in video log format from the point of view of Ensign Williams aboard the USS Enterprise during the original run of Star Trek: The Original Series. The series was created by Ashley Victoria Robinson and Jason Inman in 2014 and ran for two seasons.

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Jerry Ahern, Chris Bramante, Jason Inman, Austin Roberts, Emma Roberts

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Season 1[edit | edit source]

Episode TOS episode Posted Logline Stardate Date YouTube
S1E01 "The Man Trap" Sep 1, 2014 Ensign Williams just came aboard the USS Enterprise, but can she survive an alien plant and a salt monster? 1513.2 2266 [1]
S1E02 "Charlie X" Sep 8, 2014 It's time for the Enterprise physical training test. Will Williams pass or will she get in trouble with a telepathic small boy? 1533.6 2266 [2]
S1E03 "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Sep 15, 2014 Ensign Williams has a space crush. Travel back in time and see Williams' missing log from her very first day on the Enterprise! 1312.4 2265 [3]
S1E04 "The Naked Time" Sep 22, 2014 A virus has caused a group of naked partying crewmen to try to break into William's quarters. Can she keep them out? 1704.2 2266 [4]
S1E05 "The Enemy Within" Sep 29, 2014 Captain James T. Kirk keeps visiting Ensign Williams. But what does he actually want? 1672.1 2266 [5]
S1E06 "Mudd's Women" Oct 6, 2014 The Enterprise keeps running out of power, and only William's friend Nadia can keep the lights on. 1329.8 2266 [6]
S1E07 "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" Oct 13, 2014 Captain Kirk calls Omar and Mia, William's friends, to the surface for an away mission. Will these two ever return to the ship? 2712.4 2266 [7]
S1E08 "Miri" Oct 20, 2014 Williams has brought some disease back to the ship, and only Doctor Leonard McCoy can keep her healthy. 2713.5 2266 [8]
S1E09 "Dagger of the Mind" Oct 27, 2014 Williams decides to write a letter to home when a never-ending scream interrupts her. Who is screaming on the Enterprise? 2715.1 2266 [9]
S1E10 "The Corbomite Maneuver" Nov 3, 2014 It's Ensign William's day off! Too bad an alien named Balok has decided to visit the Enterprise. 1512.2 2266 [10]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Episode TOS episode Posted Logline Stardate Date YouTube
S2E11 "The Menagerie, Part I" Sep 14, 2015 Only one person can survive the voyages of the Starship Enterprise and these are her logs. 3012.4 2267 [11]
S2E12 "The Menagerie, Part II" Sep 21, 2015 The Talosians want Ensign Williams to live on Talos IV. Will she live in their world of illusions? 3012.4 2267 [12]
S2E13 "The Conscience of the King" Sep 28, 2015 Ensign Williams' sister, Tamera, visits the Enterprise to watch a performance of their father's favorite actor! 2817.6 2267 [13]
S2E14 "Balance of Terror" Oct 5, 2015 There's a Romulan warbird hunting the Enterprise, and for some reason, its commander keeps calling Ensign Williams. 1709.1 2267 [14]
S2E15 "Shore Leave" Oct 12, 2015 The entire crew of the Enterprise beams down to a planet for shore leave! Well everyone except Ensign Williams and Lieutenant Uhura that is! 3025.3 2267 [15]
S2E16 "The Galileo Seven" Oct 19, 2015 Yeoman Rand and Ensign Williams have to team up to save the crew of the Galileo Seven! 2821.7 2267 [16]
S2E17 "The Squire of Gothos" Oct 26, 2015 The Squire of Gothos is all powerful and he wants to play with Ensign Williams. 2124.5 2267 [17]
S2E18 "Arena" Nov 2, 2015 Ensign Williams must fend for her life against the Gorn on an unknown asteroid! 3045.6 2267 [18]
S2E19 "Tomorrow is Yesterday" Nov 9, 2015 The Enterprise is stuck in the 1960s! How will Ensign Williams cope when the only signal she receives are classic TV shows? 3113.2 2267 / 1969 [19]
S2E20 "Court Martial" Nov 16, 2015 The court trial of Ensign Williams begins! 2947.3 / 2948.3 2267 [20]
S2E21 "The Return of the Archons" Nov 23, 2015 Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu is acting strange and only Ensign Williams can help him! 3157.4 2267 [21]
S2E22 "Space Seed" Nov 30, 2015 Who is KHAN? And why does he keep wandering into Ensign Williams' quarters? Unknown 2267 [22]

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