"The Silence Ends" is a Star Trek Online short story by StarSword set in the shared universe The War of the Masters. Written for the "Teaching the Next Generation" prompt of Unofficial Literary Challenge #10: "Redux #1", it serves primarily as an introduction piece for his Masterverse-exclusive character Tyria Sark.

Part two of the story takes place shortly after Come the Fall, A Change by patrickngo.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Epigraph: "Welcome to the Universe" by 30 Seconds to Mars

In 2407 Lieutenant Commander Tyria Sark is teaching naval history for the Starfleet ROTC program at Leran Manev State University on Trill. During a lecture on the Battle of Wolf 359 she has a minor argument with Cadet Gilad Ronson over the wording of remarks about the loss of the USS Melbourne.

After class she is taking a break and is approached by Captain Henry Wake of Starfleet's Bureau of Personnel, and is offered early promotion to full commander and the XO spot on the USS Warsaw. As it would mean leaving her husband Jolin Tabris and their three-year-old daughter Sameen, she confers with him that evening, and he agrees.

Epigraph: "The One I Love" by R.E.M.

After a time-skip to 2412, Tyria is now CO of the USS Black Prince, assigned to Operation Peacekeeper under Rear Admiral David Huntington, and arrives in the Moab system to be assigned to the Observer group, primarily dealing with coordination with the Starfleet units' Klingon Defense Force counterparts.

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