The crew of the USS Pioneer begin their mission in the Oralian sector. They will meet new friends and new enemies, but what is clear is that they are sailing into the unknown.

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Captain Benjamin Kelsoe is assigned as the commanding officer of the USS Pioneer. Their first mission is to rescue the USS Clark, a Federation science vessel that’s being attacked by a rogue group of So'ja. The Pioneer must go into So'ja space and save the Clark.

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"The So'ja are dangerous, Captain! Why is Star Fleet sending us?"
"Starfleet needs their best ship on this."
"Commander, with all do respect, we are not Starfleet’s best ship. We are a retired class that has been transformed to a exploring ship."
"To boldly go, as Captain Kirk said. But this will be a small detour on the beginning of our mission of the exploration of So'ja space."
Ensign Eric Zimmer, Commander Connor Burt, Commander Braxis, and Captain Benjamin Kelsoe discuss why the USS Pioneer was selected for the mission.
"Did we do it?"
"Yes, we did it buddy. We got away."
"So'ja picked the wrong ship to miss with."
"That they did, Connor, that they did."
Commander Burt and Captain Kelsoe discussing the result of their confrontation with the So'ja.

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