You may be looking for the prose version of this story, "The Stars my Destination".

"The Stars my Destination" is the original third audio episode of the Star Trek: Grissom fan film series. It is set in the latter half of the 23rd century aboard the Federation starship USS Grissom (NCC-638).

Cast[edit | edit source]

Primary cast[edit | edit source]

Special guest stars[edit | edit source]

Special appearances are made by:

Further cast[edit | edit source]

Further cast members include:

  • Computer Voice (played by Annelie Greene)
  • Klingon Warrior (played by William Raymer)

Quick overview[edit | edit source]

Expanded.png Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The forces of the Tholian Assembly have noted the low-level gamma explosion at the Mutara nebula, and with their incessant need to acquire new technology, see any Starfleet vessel as a means to information. A Tholian attack leaves Captain J.T. Esteban out of the game and leads to another crew death. With time running out for the Grissom, it is up to Commander Stephanie Ottair to show that she has what it takes to repel rampaging Tholian boarding parties and save the ship and her crew.

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