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Captain Limis is marooned on 31st century Bajor without a means of getting back to her own time period. In the present day, Jem'Hadar and Cardassian troops have commandeered the USS Lambda Paz hoping to learn the ship's technological secrets.

Takes place some time after the events of DS9: "Tears of the Prophets".

Memorable quotes[]

"You mean you got rid of all the books?"
"Our most important writings that survived the last seven centuries are still in book form."
-- Limis and Grabowski while approaching Bajor's oldest library.
"Might I suggest a group of the lowest ranking crewmembers to lend a hand. We don’t want a repeat of the Defiant fiasco."
-- Yelgrun alluding to the events of DS9: "One Little Ship".
"The Typhon Pact?"
"You don’t want to read that."
-- Limis and Grabowski, while sorting through the library.
"An eye for an eye, eh? That’s one of Earth’s oldest legal precedents, and it has been a justification for unending cycles of violence that spanned generations. But we haven’t taken it to those kinds of extremes in centuries. Where does that brand of justice end, Hadar?!"
— Ronnie Kozar while being interrogated by Gul Hadar
"I read about a little trick by a twenty-second century engineer. I’m routing audio transmissions through the EPS conduits. I’m also trying to rig up a tricorder to send printout messages to the personal desk monitors."
"Well, our captors will be kicking themselves for not turning off the library computers."
-- Erhlich Tarlazzi and Chaz Logan planning an escape.
"It’s a standard Cardassian counter-insurgency program. And by 'standard', I mean total pain in the ass. I was able to force the door open and a forcefield went up."
— Tarlazzi pointing out an obstacle to escaping from confinement.



Shinar sh'AqbaSara CarsonJonas GrabowskiGul Enic HadarJamat'hironRonnie KozarLimis VirconaCharles H. LoganAurellan MarkalisMandel MorrisonGlinn PerrekRetan'ikronRuaf'izodRebecca SullivanErhlich TarlazziTor VotYelgrun

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Cardassian Galor-class warshipUSS ConstantinopleJem'Hadar fighterUSS Lambda PazSindareen battle cruiser


BajorBriar PatchStarbase G-6

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Cardassian UnionDominionUnited Federation of Planets

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First Battle of Chin'toka

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