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You may also be looking for the star systems Tiloniam system or Tilonian system.

"The Tiloniam System" (or "The Tiloniam System Flashback", or "The Tiloniam System Remake") was the first part of the first episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X in Season 1, the first "Flashback" variant episode in Season 4 when it was first rewritten, and the first part of the first "Remake" variant episode in Season 6 when it was rewritten for a second time.


A Starfleet shuttle craft from the USS Xena wanders through the newly discovered Tiloniam system. On board, Commander Gotens and Ensign Dan take sensor readings when they stumble upon the USS Phoenix, commanded by Captian Daniel - but the two have more than conversation to handle when suddenly they're jumped by a small fleet of Jem'Hadar Attack ships wielding a new weapon.

Memorable quotes[]

"One more shot and we' know, not alive anymore."
Ensign Dan ("The Tiloniam System")
"I completely understand, Admiral. Just the other day I was saying to GoyCho that space is the final frontier, and that these were the voyages of the starship-- Well, I don't want to bore you with all the details."
Armond ("The Tiloniam System Flashback")
"While the Phoenix has been in service, we've secretly tested and burned at least twenty-four Phoenix-named ships in a short timespan. The latest one has shown the most non-explodey tendencies."
Captain Cid ("The Tiloniam System Remake")


Background information[]

  • The original "The Tiloniam System" and "The Tiloniam System Flashback" episodes were written in chatfic format, while the second rewrite "The Tiloniam System Remake" was written in prose.
  • Part of this episode is revisited in the long-form episode "Experimentalism" in the form of a flash-back.
  • This episode's main text was kept in its 2007 rewrite "The Tilonian System Flashback" and 2020 rewrite "The Tiloniam System Remake".
  • As the first episodes of the first season were role-play, characters Gotens (later renamed Seifer) was played by Hawku, and Daniel (later renamed Cell) was played by DL. Ensign Dan was an accidental creation, misunderstood to be played by DL at the beginning (as "Dan", in the first scene of "The Tiloniam System" with Gotens on the shuttle). When it was quickly understood to not be, "Dan" was quickly re-written as "Ensign Dan". This miscommunication led Ensign Dan to be constantly be written as "relieved of duty" in nearly every episode as an in-joke.
  • The "Flashback" variant episode, and first rewrite, was re-titled from "The Tilonian System" to "The Tiloniam System Flashback" in January 2022. Before that, it was previously entitled "The Tiloniam System: Remixed". And previously before that, it was going to be categorized into a separate series of episodes entitled "Star Trek: Phoenix-X Remixed" - where episodes would be re-writes of Phoenix-X episodes. These would later be reimagined as the "Remake" variant episodes starting in 2020.
  • "The Tiloniam System Flashback's" previous title "The Tilonian System" refers to a twice-occurring joke within the episode where characters continually confuse the Tiloniam system with the Tilonian system. In "The Tiloniam System Flashback", the Phoenix never actually visits the Tilonian system, but was originally supposed to.
  • As a rewrite, "The Tiloniam System Flashback" maintained up-to-date formatting consistent with season 4.
  • "The Tiloniam System Flashback" was carefully worked around the original episode's text in order to retain episodic continuity. Text from the episode "Experimentalism" in which that episode also re-visits the original "The Tiloniam System" episode is also incorporated into the re-write version.
  • "The Tiloniam System Flashback" was the only episode in the 4th season to take place 10 years prior to any other episode in the season.

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