You may also be looking for the star systems Tilonian system or Tiloniam system.
"The Tilonian System" was the first flashback episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. The episode was a rewrite of the series' first episode: "The Tiloniam System". The story utilized specific text from the original episode in order to keep continuity.


Back in the year 2374, Captain Aeris attempts to assist a doomed Phoenix, while Admiral Daniel deals with his Changeling status coming out of the closet.

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"I completely understand, Admiral. Just the other day I was saying to GoyCho that space is the final frontier, and that these were the voyages of the starship-- Well, I don't want to bore you with all the details."

Background informationEdit

  • As a rewrite, this episode maintained up-to-date formatting consistent with season 4.
  • The episode was carefully worked around the original episode's text in order to retain episodic continuity. Text from the episode "Experimentalism" in which that episode also re-visits the original "The Tiloniam System" episode is also incorporated into the re-write version.
  • The episode was the only episode in the 4th season to take place 10 years prior to any other episode in the season.
Pnx remixed
  • This episode was previously entitled "The Tiloniam System: Remixed". And previously before that, it was going to be categorized into a separate series of episodes entitled "Star Trek: Phoenix-X Remixed" - where episodes would be re-writes of Star Trek: Phoenix-X episodes.
  • The title, "The Tilonian System" refers to a twice-occurring joke within the episode where characters continually confuse the Tiloniam system with the Tilonian system. The Phoenix never actually visits the Tilonian system, but was originally supposed to.

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